The goal of the Open Science Tools project is to design and mass-produce open and low-cost laboratory equipment for schools, laboratories, DIY-Bio community, industry, Citizen Scientists, and everybody else. We try to do this without compromising on performance, by taking unconventional approaches, concentrating on just major use-cases for a given device, and staying true to our goal.

We operate as part of the Open Science School in cooperation with L'OpenLab, both part of the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity in Paris. We welcome everybody to participate!

All Open Science Tools hardware is open-source, you are free to build, modify and share it. We will also mass-produce the devices to make them available to all users at a low cost.

Criteria for our projects include:

  • We need to be able to lower the price significantly, ideally an order of magnitude or more.
  • We can make it work as well or nearly as well as existing devices, even if for a subset of applications.
  • It's possible to mass-produce the device.

If you'd like to contribute or report a problem, please drop us a message to, so we can add your user account here.

Work in progress

Early research

Other ideas

Basic lab equipment

More advanced equipment

Crazy ideas

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